Jul 25, 2018 - Top prices in the Wolden Summer Sale 2018

The foals and sporthorses were sold easily yesterday evening in the Wolden Summer Sale 2018 under the direction of auctioneer Frederik de Backer.

Topseller of the foals became the Harley-son Navarone Termo,  who was sold for 28.000,- to Belgium.
Topseller of the sporthorses became the 6 years old gelding Charlie (Corrado I Aljano).  The highest bifd for him was 140.000,- from a buyer from Egypte.

Prices foals:
Nibolensky (Ibolensky Cantos) 5.500
Nashville (Gullit HBC Biscayo) 12.000,-
Genie van Klein Statum Z (Glasgow vt Merelsnest- Dallas) 12.000,-
Nova-Sina (Comthago Campbell) 7.500,-
Nickelback (Gullit HBC Niagara) 19.000,-
New California (Bubalu Zirocco Blue) 5.500,-
Carvalho AWH Z (Carrera Canturo) 10.000,-
Navarone Termo (Harley Alicante HBC) 28.000,-
Nisolde (Douglas Indoctro) 13.000,-
Le Grande MV Z (Levisto Alicante HBC) 8.500,-


Prices sporthorses:
Ilmar HBC (Dantos Voltaire) 26.000,-
Incognito (Chello III Rossini) 26.000,-
Iniesta (Durrant Emilion) 50.000,-
Innsbruck (Cardento Ahorn) 30.000,-
Charlie (Corrado I Aljano) 140.000,-
Heddick (Baltic Oklund) 22.000,-
Herre (Balou du Rouet Numero Uno)   28.000,-
Honeypenny W (Bubalu Montender) 110.000,-
Homer V (Azteca Corland) 30.000,-


Top prices in the Wolden Summer Sale 2018 - Jul 25, 2018

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